The War on Drugs is an "Epic Fail"

Jay-Z, Molly Crabapple, and dream hampton teamed up for a new documentary short makes the racism of the War on Drugs. Read more »

Locked Down: On Disability and Incarceration

As a culture, we never addressed the ableist biases that led us to want to lock up disabled people in the first place.  Read more »

The Raw Emotions, Music, and Activism of Thao Nguyen

She not only brings down the house—she’s a committed prison reform activist.  Read more »

The Racism on “Orange Is the New Black” Makes It Traumatic to Watch

Watching such visceral racist acts in every episode didn’t feel enlightening, it felt exhausting. Read more »

Your “Orange Is the New Black” Reading List

Netflix’s most-watched series was inspired by Piper Kerman’s memoir, but that’s not the only book about women’s incarceration. Read more »

New Documentary "Starless Dreams" Looks at the Lives of Teen Girls in an Iranian Jail

A compelling portrait of life in a juvenile detention center outside Tehran. Read more »

New Music Monday: Taina Asili's #BlackLivesMatter Anthem "Freedom"

We’re excited to debut a new music video from Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde. “‘Freedom’ is a musical contribution to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and it was inspired by the organizing work I do in my community to end mass incarceration and state violence,” says Asili.  Read more »

A New Book Shows We're Asking the Wrong Questions About Justice

Walidah Imarisha's book “Angels With Dirty Faces” is a personal examination of the prison system.  Read more »

Daniel Holtzclaw is Going to Prison—But That Won't End Sexual Violence

All too often, justice is framed as, “Do you want prison or do you want nothing?” Read more »

Puerto Rican Independence Activist Diana Block Discusses Her New Novel

Diana Block went on the run after the government started monitoring her group that campaigned for Puerto Rican independence. In her new novel, she explores characters and experiences that were too confidential or controversial to reveal in a memoir. Read more »