We Need to Face America's Dark History of Sterilizing People Behind Bars

American prisons have a dark history of forced sterilization: Louisville residents protested forced sterilizations in 1971. Photo from the Southern Conference Educational Fund via the History News Network  On... Read more »

Three Ways People Are Challenging the Prison System Right Now

“Prisons aren’t safe for anyone,” declared CeCe McDonald during her recent appearance on the Melissa Harris-Perry show. McDonald should know—she is a Black trans... Read more »

Here's Why You Should Know About the Case of CeCe McDonald

CeCe McDonald is scheduled to be released from prison this month. This is a very big deal. Her case is a prime example of how the legal system can (and often does) work against... Read more »

73-Year-Old Grandma Says She Was Put in Solitary Confinement for Wanting Decent Medical Care

What happens when states contract with private, for-profit companies to both run their prisons and provide prison health care? Carol Lester, a 73-year-old grandmother, found out... Read more »

What Does Justice Mean Besides Police and Prison?

It’s been over a week since 19-year-old Renisha McBride was shot and killed. For those of you who missed the news, Renisha McBride was a recent high school graduate whose car... Read more »

How Does Obamacare Impact Women of Color and People in Prison?

When Mercedes Smith (above) first came home from prison, she was able to sign up for Medicaid. Then she got a part-time job, which pushed her over Medicaid’s low-income guidelines. Unable to afford insurance even after getting a second part-time job, Mercedes has gone without health care for... Read more »

Bibliobitch: "Inside this Place Not Of It" Goes Inside Women's Prisons

Inside This Place, Not of It: Stories from Women's Prisons is the ninth book in the Voice of Witness series, which carries the Studs Turkel torch by using oral history to share stories from the margins of America. Inside This Place has thirteen accounts from people who have... Read more »

We Need to Stop Shackling Pregnant Women in Prison—Now.

Imagine a woman who is actively in labor. Now, imagine her handcuffed. Attached to those handcuffs is a chain that links her wrists to a chain wrapped around her belly. That belly chain is the same weight as a bicycle chain. Attached to her belly chain is yet another chain that attaches to... Read more »

The Dubious Distinction of Being the First Out Trans Woman in Military Prison

  “I am Chelsea Manning. I am female.” With that announcement, Chelsea Manning begins her thirty-five year sentence with the dubious distinction of being the first openly trans woman in the U.S. military prison system. While a ... Read more »

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar this morning! • Remember how Clear Channel was a total douche for refusing to air reproductive health ads? Well, after a month of protesting... Read more »