Project Runway

Nestle's New Scam: Marketing "Electrolytenment" Water For Affluent Women

From Project Runway’s current season: Oh God, the glamping! During its 12 seasons, Project Runway, Lifetime’s reality competition show with fashion designers angling to be “in,” has earned its exasperatingly accurate moniker, “Product Runway.” Product placement is part of the program, and hearing presenter Tim Gunn attempt to make a product sound relevant to a challenge is part of the spectacle. Except this season, and oh especially August 22’s episode, “Let’s Go Glamping!” Glamping—a word that would send Samuel Johnson to the ale vat—is camping but, you know, “glamorous.” (Maybe they wanted to scale down the use of “camp” with so many gay male designers around?) But fair enough, and actually a really good concept for a challenge. Except that the sponsor...

Is the Fashion Industry a Hot Mess?

It’s no wonder that there’s a spot for Gossip Girl’s Blair in the competitive world of fashion: she’s the daughter of the creator of Waldorf Designs, she attended an elite private school where she gained connections to high society, and her family has no shortage of... Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: From Russia With Yawn

Well, so last night’s finale happened. Yeah, we had expectations too. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: The Finale Countdown

It was an underwhelming first half of the season finale last night on Project Runway, but we did get to see one of our favorite things: Tim Gunn home visits! This is it! Not really though. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Avant-Garded

It was an avant-garde “electric fantasie” on last night’s Project Runway, and if you don’t know what that means don’t worry—the designers had no clue either. This is not our beautiful house. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Dressing Up Baby

The designers weren’t the only ones acting like babies during last night’s episode of Project Runway. Babies, you better work. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Origami Rose and Disco Turkey on Stage for One Night Only!

The designers kicked up their heels (and a whole lotta sparkly fabric) during last night’s Rockettes challenge. If only our outfits were shinier… Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Want a Piece of Me?

Things got personal during last night’s Project Runway textile challenge. In the family way. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Hardly Art, Hardly Starving

The designers raised fabric money on the street in last night’s “Starving Artist” challenge. Don’t let the cute signs fool you—they were terrible salespeople. Read more »

Go Back to School with Academic Tim Gunn!

Forget floral prints and puffed shoulders—what you really need to get in the back-to-school... Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Lordy, Lordy!

It was a Lord & Taylor extravaganza on this week’s Project Runway! I feel you, Sonjia. I wanted to cut that harness up too. Read more »