Project Runway

Project Runway Season 10: Fifty Shades of Rage

It was the “real people” challenge on last night’s Project Runway and you know what that means… One of the designers had to pitch a fit as though forced to make a dress for an elephant instead of a perfectly lovely working mom (although now we’d kinda like to see the... Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Going, Going, Gone

It was fewer designers, mo’ problems on last night’s episode of Project Runway: Judge not, lest Michael Kors tell you you are a sissy. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Double Up

Last night was Project Runway’s first team challenge of the season and a blast from the past for longtime fans. How did our designers fare? Sonjia, you are a treasure. Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: I Like Candy When it's Wrapped in a Sweater

The competition was sweet during the unconventional materials challenge on last night’s Project Runway—and not just because the clothes were made of candy. Sweet and Sour (we’re looking at you, Dmitry). Read more »

Project Runway Season 10: Rebranded and Ready for Action!

Project Runway Season 10 premiered last night on Lifetime, and with it came our old hosts and judges—we missed you Tim, Heidi, Michael, and Nina!—and a crop of brand new designers. As you may know, several of us are huge PR fans around here, so we’ll be weighing in with some... Read more »

Live-Tweeting the Project Runway Finale!

We just got done live-tweeting (and live drinking-gaming) the Project Runway finale from our BitchMediaLive account. Here are our tweets—in chronological order thanks to Storify—so you can follow along if you recorded it to... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: Ch-Ch-Changes Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in as Kjerstin, Kelsey, and Kristin discuss ’90s nostalgia and Project Runway; then get whisked away to the movies to hear Andi, Jacob, and Kelsey’s review of The Change-Up. Plus, Bitch faves! Links after... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: Complaint Department Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Listen in as Sara, Jonanna, and Kelsey debate the merits of The Noncomplaining Project, women’s happiness, and young people... Read more »

For Realz?: In the Middle of the First Episode of The Fashion Show

Okay, as your feminist reality TV blogger, I was so excited by this exchange on Bravo's new Project Runway ripoff The Fashion Show that I had to stop watching in the middle so I could run down and put up this post! Click read for the rest of... Read more »

For Realz?: This Week In Reality TV Catfights

This week in reality TV girlfights... Hello! I'm the new reality TV blogger for Bitch! Please be warned in advance, these posts won't be terribly deep. Also, there are some spoilers. Just me, or has this week on reality TV just basically been women arguing with each other? A terrible affront to... Read more »