Pantsuit on Fire: The Founder of a Facebook Community Cashes In

 Chamberlain, who is neither an activist nor an author, is cashing in on what amounts to the labor of strangers. Read more »

Chosen Battles: Poet Kendra DeColo on Censorship and Literary Misogyny

“I think I’m still figuring out the balance between entering hostile spaces and creating loving/nurturing communities within them.” Read more »

Popaganda: Money

Money. You hate it. You need it. On this episode, we embark on an anti-capitalist exploration of cold hard cash, highlighting work from the Money issue of Bitch magazine. Featuring: Financial advice for your twenties from Ester Bloom of The Billfold, a conversation about the racial politics of... Read more »

Backtalk: Game of Thrones & xoJane

This week, we talk about burning down the patriarchy in Game of Thrones and how the show’s female characters have evolved this season. Then, we discuss the desctructive clickbait culture seen in many online outlets—most specifically, xoJane, which published an... Read more »

Lesbian Coming-Of-Age Novel “Juliet Takes a Breath” Is a Breath of Fresh Air

The novel by Gabby Rivera centers on a Puerto Rican lesbian who’s trying to make sense of the world.  Read more »

Ain’t I A Mommy: Why Are so Few Motherhood Memoirs Penned by Women of Color?

The absence of Black mommy memoirs reflects the lack of mainstream Black women’s stories about motherhood in general.  Read more »

Revisiting Meghan Daum's Essay Collection "My Misspent Youth"

Meghan Daum’s 2001 cult-classic collection is being reissued this month. How does it hold up?  Read more »

Rewriting Reality: A Forthcoming Speculative Fiction Anthology Asks Transgender Authors to Imagine New Worlds

It’s been a helter-skelter year for sci-fi and geekdom. Read more »

A Letter From Bitch Cofounder Andi Zeisler: Feminist Media Means Two Things

It's been almost 20 years since we started Bitch. I'm as proud to help lead this organization as I was when we printed the first issue of the magazine and distributed it out of the back of a Toyota Corona in 1996. But I wouldn't still be here if we had sacrificed our independence—... Read more »

It's A Big Day For Bitch Media

I know numbers aren't inspiring. I won't pretend they are. But I want to keep this really short, so I hope the work we do at Bitch every single day can speak for itself just this once.  Read more »