From the HQ: We've Got To Be Bold About Asking You

Readers will never stumble across a thinly guised pitch from a company like Unilever aimed at reaching our “demographic” of smart, engaged feminists, or see a “guest post” about some new product that doesn't do anything but tell you how to live your life “better.” Read more »

Female Comic Shop Workers Create Their Own Group: Beware the Valkyries

Kate Leth is a woman on the frontier of the independent comics industry. She’s the creator of the online and print versions of Kate or Die! and has contributed to various comics, such as ... Read more »

Bibliobitch: Somnambulist Zine Creates One More for the People

Martha Grover has been publishing her zine Somnambulist since 2003. The first collection of this zine, One More for the People came out on Tuesday from... Read more »

Calling All Publishing Interns!

We’ve got a publishing internship opening on the business side of Bitch in early July at our Portland office and would LOVE it if you could help us spread the word (or apply)! We’re accepting applications now, and will be doing interviews later this month on a rolling basis until the... Read more »

Women in Publishing: What's the Real Story?

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts recently released several large pie charts comparing how women and men are published in some of the largest literary magazines—who’s reviewing books, whose books are being reviewed, and who’s being interviewed... Read more »

Iconography: Who is in the Library?

I started this series with a strained and cheesy Doctor Who reference, and today's title was me finishing with one ("Silence in the Library," for those playing at home). Let's try and move on from my sparkling wit to discuss which kinds... Read more »

$pread magazine closes shop

Sadly, $pread, the all volunteer-run quarterly written by and for sex workers, posted yesterday that they can no longer sustain their magazine: We regret to inform you that…$pread will close its glittery doors soon after... Read more »

Rad Ladies Who Draw Comics: Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy is a Portland-based artist whose new comic is making waves in the self-publishing world. Murphy discovered the title of her historical/biographical/autobiographical comic "I Still Live" written on the tombstone of 19th-century spiritualist Achsa Sprague. At the age of 20, Sprague... Read more »

Buzz issue preview and web article feedback!

The first box-o-Buzz (our spring issue!) arrived in our Portland office yesterday! It was so exciting we felt bad holding out on our readers, and have posted a sneak peek of our 43rd issue! But read on...we want your feedback! Read more »

Critical Survey Reminder!

Our super duper survey is still up and needs your input! Don't forget to fill it out! This survey, which will stay up until December 31st, is our way of gathering feedback and actively incorporating responses and direction from our supporters for the future of Bitch. By filling out this survey,... Read more »