Tell us where to go...

At long last, there’s a place for y’all to start systematically giving us your thoughts and feedback about the future direction of B-Word/Bitch. Please go here to complete our survey! The survey will be up until December 31st. Please spread the word… Thanks! Read more »

Brave new feminists

The new issue of Utne Reader just came out and features their list of 50 visionaries who are changing the world. I was thrilled to see that among the incredible list of social change organizers, artists, and thinkers are Jessica Hoffmann and brownfemipower, two people who've been pushing hard... Read more »

Grassroots Media Truth Tour

The Grassroots Media Justice Tour is starting soon and might just be coming to your town. Check it out and spread the word! Bitch is proud to be a sponsor. In fact I was supposed to participate on the tour, but... well, as you all know, we need all hands on deck to sustain our beloved... Read more »

We've made history together!

We're thrilled to announce that just three short days after our announcement that we need to raise $40,000 by October 15th in order to print the next issue of Bitch, you've rallied together and propelled us beyond our $40,000 fundraising goal. In fact, by the time we looked up from our computers,... Read more »

More on journalism crackdowns

Because again, it's critical that everyone who values independent publishing know what independent journalists are up against...  By Tim Karr at the Huffington Post:   In St. Paul this week, a new generation of media makers is under assault by the city's mayor and law enforcement officers. These... Read more »

Melting with love...

Support South End Press!

This morning in my in box was an e-mail titled, "An Open Letter to the South End Press Community." I clicked right on it, before I read my daily-headlines e-mail or the note from Debbie asking my opinion on a Very Important Matter—and even before I read the note from the boy I am currently most... Read more »

Ain't I a Mommy?: Bookstores Brim with Motherhood Memoirs. Why Are So Few of Them Penned by Women of Color?

Shortly before the birth of my first child nine years ago, while browsing the bookstore for mommy wisdom, I discovered Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year and fell in love with the author and the book. More than any parenting truisms the book might have... Read more »