The Pulp Issue

Articles published in the print Bitch magazine issue, Pulp. Check out the complete table of contents for the issue here.

Paranormal Boyfriends, Purity Myths, and Practical Virgins: The Literature of Losing It

Being abstinent in these books is not empowering for female characters; instead, it’s a consequence of decisions enforced by their male counterparts. 

Pulp Nonfiction: The Unnerving Fascination with Prime-time True Crime

Our relationship with fear, excitement, and violence against women hasn’t evolved at all. Read more »

Artist Statement: Don't call Favianna Rodriguez a political artist.

When I saw images of artist Favianna Rodriguez's “Slut Power” series circulating on Facebook, I was already familiar with her bold silkscreened posters, which often feature people of color tackling subjects as varied as immigration and sustainability. The Slut Power posters, however,... Read more »

House of Pain: The latest blow to the Violence Against Women Act

This article went to press in January 2013. A February 2013 update is at the bottom. 2012 marked the year that violence against women became a partisan issue. The Violence Against Women Act, passed in 1994, was the first comprehensive federal effort to combat such violence. The landmark law... Read more »

Forty Years in the Hustle: A Q&A with Margo St. James

During the fever pitch of the 1970s sexual revolution, Margo St. James, the flamboyant matriarch of the national prostitutes'-rights movement, burst out of San Francisco's bohemian scene with an infectious enthusiasm for her cause: to make prostitution “palatable for the public.” On Mother... Read more »

It Was a Dark and Snowy Night: How heroes became heroines in Nordic noir fiction

Illustration by Zejian Shen. Film noir used to be personified by the lone detective in a trench coat, chain smoking in rain-dotted lamplight. But 70 years after The Maltese Falcon flew into Tinseltown, that hero has been replaced. Now, standing in that same lamplight, smacking gum in the same misty... Read more »