London Band Savages Shred on a Raucous Ode to Love

This is a stunning collection of songs dedicated to the heart-pounding, life-altering, world-rocking, de-stabilizing parts of love. Too often joy is seen as anathema to rock music, particularly punk and its offshoots. Loud, raucous, thrilling joy is what Savages is all about. Read more »

BitchTapes: Retro British Punk

A mixtape of '70s and '80s songs you can scream along to.  Read more »

Seattle Band Childbirth Makes Punk Funny Again

Childbirth is sort of a feminist punk supergroup with a wicked sense of humor.  Read more »

Potty Mouth for the Teenage Soul

I wish that Northampton, Massachusetts-based band Potty Mouth had been around when I was in the thick of my angsty Green Day phase. Read more »

Bikini Kill Will Reissue Three Previously Unreleased Songs from 1991

A treasure trove of Bikini Kill songs is set to be released in September, the band announced today. Read more »

An Interview with Hop Along's Frances Quinlan

Hop Along wasn’t a band I was ready for—every track on their latest album, Painted Shut, gutted me. Read more »

Song Debut: Daddy Issue's "Unicorns and Rainbows"

There are two main things I like about Nashville-based trio Daddy Issues.  Read more »

Check Out the Debut Album from Boston Feminist Punk Band Tomboy

 “Don’t you think I’m fun? Don’t you think I’m nice? Well don’t fucking touch me, let me give you some advice!” Read more »

Jessica Hopper is Planting a Flag for Feminist Music Criticism

Our work can be really tokenized because of how, lots of times, women’s work is not recorded. It’s not canonized. Read more »

Watch This Punk Music Video About History and Racial Justice

Downtown Boys is a “bilingual political sax punk party.” Photo ... Read more »