Sapphic Salon: Megan Fox and the women she loves to hate

Megan Fox thinks I hate her. It's simply not true. I didn't realize she'd take it personal that I never saw Transformers (or its sequel) and I was one of the few that bought tickets to see Jennifer's Body opening... Read more »

On the Map: Argentinian Marriage Is Soooo Gay!

Having been denied a marriage license in Buenos Aires this past April, Argentinian couple Jose Maria Di Bello and Alex Freyre sued the city on the grounds that the denial was violating their constitutional rights. Although civil unions are available in some cities, including Buenos Aires, the... Read more »

Sapphic Salon: A Blog for the Lesbian in You

Welcome to the Sapphic Salon, Bitch's new blog about queer women's representation in pop culture. This includes the good and the bad, truths and myths, and about and of interest to women who love women. Basically, we're right at home with Bitch. Read more »


This weekend saw the long-anticipated premiere of The Wanda Sykes Show, which airs Saturday nights on Fox. (That’s right, this is my second post in a row regarding an out [and outstanding] lesbian performer on the Fox network.) Wanda Sykes made a strong debut with her usual style of laid-... Read more »

The Body Electric: Goodnight and Good Luck! The Body Electric Signs Off.

Dear Friends: My time with you has come to an end. From the Man Pad to the G20; from RadioLab to the baby binary; from  the amazing Stu Rasmussen to my (apparently controversial) exploration of transphobia; from interviews with artists to profiles of beautiful tattoos--it's been a fantastic ... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

This week was an important one for same-sex marriage legislation, no matter which side you’re on (you should be on the side of same-sex marriage). And around here, when important things happen,... Read more »

TV Crush of the Week: Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch has been doing great comedy for a long time -- Best in Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Party Down, the list goes on and on. She may be an out lesbian with a decidedly... Read more »

The Body Electric: Trans Women Subvert Religious Imagery

 *Thanks to the poster who brought up a great point about the symantics of spacing. Changes are reflected throughout. An HIV prevention group in Spain--the LGBT Collective of Madrid--recently released a calendar that featured trans women posed as the Virgin Mary. Of course, controversy was... Read more »

The Body Electric: Alexis Amann on Bearded Ladies, Narwhals, and Riot Grrls

Girl Loves Narwhal, 2008 (acrylic gouache on paper) Alexis Amann, a San Francisco based artist, creates art that reimagines the familiar in the world of myth. In the sprawling, inventive landscape of her work, women find soulmates in Narwhals, bearded ladies pal around with kindly demons, and... Read more »

Early to Rise: Sex Toys for Smart Guys (and Everyone Else)

We here at Bitch are longtime fans of the Chicago-based feminist sex shop Early to Bed. Imagine our delight, then (and yours too potentially) when we learned of Early to Bed’s new brother venture, Early to Rise... Read more »


A Conversation About Transgender Representation in Pop Culture

Janet Mock, on her MSNBC web show, is one of a handful of transgender people who has recently gained international visibility. Recently, we... Read more »

Trans Women Are Women. Why Do We Have to Keep Saying This?

Caitlin Jenner posing on the cover of Vanity Fair This Sunday, the New York Times ran an op-ed by... Read more »

"Moonlight" is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment

Moonlight displays the kind of empathy and humanity that we desperately need right now. Read more »

One-Sentence Reviews of the Lesbian Netflix Canon

Lez face it: when you’re a ladygay like myself, cruising the internet for something to watch, you realize very quickly that there are a whole... Read more »