Musician Imani Coppola Talks Frankly About Race, Gender, and Experimental Music

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New Music Monday: Sex-Positive New Orleans Rapper Boyfriend

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Meet the First Ladies of Canadian Indigenous Hip-Hop

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BitchTapes: Brazil's Feminist Funk

Brazil’s style of funk carioca originated in the slums of Rio de Janeiro—also known as favela funk, it has little to do with the funk heard in the rest of the world. Read more »

Dr. Dre's Assault on Dee Barnes Was Originally In "Straight Outta Compton"—But Got Cut

Now, the film avoids any discussion of how Dr. Dre attacked and beat up Dee Barnes in a club—then worked to blacklist her from the industry.  Read more »

Straight Outta Compton: On Culture, Rage, and Contradiction

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An Indian Rapper Turned Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" Into An Environmental Protest Anthem

  Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Anaconda” has been remixed as a catchy protest song demanding environmental justice for a city in Tamil Nadu, India.  Read more »

An Ode to Lady, My Favorite Brazenly Sexual Rapper

In her 2011 music video for “Yankin,” the rapper Lady does whatever she pleases. On September 29, the U.S. metal band Mastodon unleashed their video for “The Motherload,” a gratuitously twerk-tastic romp featuring... Read more »

Chilean Rapper Ana Tijoux's New Album Hits on Identity and Politics with Expert Flow

“Vengo, en busca de respuestas con el manojo lleno y las venas abiertas/ Vengo, como un libro abierto, ansiosa de aprender la historia no contada de nuestros ancestros.” (“I come for answers, with a bundle of full and open veins/ I come as an open book eager to learn the untold story of... Read more »

All-Women Hip-Hop Crews Shake Up the Twin Cities

Before their set on the second night of a residency at Minneapolis music venue Icehouse rap trio GRRRL PRTY invited nearly a dozen female friends, each in matching GRRRL snapbacks, to dance and take over the stage. This was after a... Read more »