Olivia Benson Believes Me

Watching Law & Order helped me heal from sexual assault. In one episode, Olivia Benson counsels a young rape survivor, “Healing begins when someone bears witness. I saw you. I believe you.” When I watched this scene, I broke down. Read more »

After Dismissing Kesha's Case, Judge Makes Bizarre Comment About Rape

The treatment of Kesha’s case against Sony shows a dark side of our culture.  Read more »

Kesha: "I will not take back the TRUTH."

Over the weekend, Kesha said she refused to retract her statements against Dr. Luke in exchange for her freedom—here's what's happened in the case so far. Read more »

Kesha: "This is About Getting Free From My Abuser"

The pop star posted a statement about the bigger issues behind her legal fight with Sony. Read more »

Daniel Holtzclaw is Going to Prison—But That Won't End Sexual Violence

All too often, justice is framed as, “Do you want prison or do you want nothing?” Read more »

A New Documentary Explores Sexual Assault on Campus Through the Eyes of a Survivor

The first time Blake was assaulted, he was at a college party. Passed out and drunk on a mattress, Blake was fondled by a guy he met earlier that night. Two strangers watched. The other times are a little more difficult for Blake to pinpoint. Once, in his dorm room, Blake says, his boyfriend... Read more »

After James Deen, How Can the Porn Industry Keep Performers Safe?

A wakeup call to porn creators—and consumers.  Read more »

Native Women Protest Sexual Violence Case at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is hearing a case that could make the crisis of sexual violence in Indian... Read more »

Almost Every Other Day, a Police Officer Loses Their Badge for Engaging in Sexual Misconduct

During a six-year period alone, 1,000 officers lost their badges for sexual misconduct—and that’s only the ones we know about.  Read more »

In Thrilling Western "The Keeping Room," Three Women Battle the Foe of Sexual Violence

At the end of the Civil War, three women left on their own have to defend themselves. Read more »