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Pop Life: McCarthyism, Donald Trump, and "Angels in America"

Roy Cohn was a McCarthy henchman—then he became Donald Trump’s lawyer and close friend. Read more »

Off Brand: The Limits of Celebrity Feminism

The transformational feminism that’s required to really change the world is not going to happen in the marketplace. Read more »

Why It Matters That Male Film Critics Vastly Outnumber Female Film Critics

“Films are looked at from the prism of mostly white and male journalists.” Read more »

Making a Better, Smarter “Strong Female Character”

From Orphan Black to Game of Thrones, tough and flawed women are complicating the “strong female character” trope.  Read more »

Breaking Out of the Brexit Binary

Can we move beyond the polarizing effects of modern politics towards a solution that works for all?   Read more »

Black Homes Matter: San Francisco’s Gentrification & the Fight to Save Midtown Park Apartments

Midtown residents have been on a rent strike since August 2015 and are refusing to pay the hikes in rent. This is the largest rent strike in San Francisco since 1978, when Ed Lee, the current mayor of San Francisco, organized residents of the Ping Yuen housing... Read more »

Young Feminists of Color are Transforming the Labor Movement

Today, young feminist women of color are fighting to transform the economic status of women—and they are succeeding. Read more »

Art Collective Electric Machete Is A Movement for Latinx Artists

The group based out of the Twin Cities is reclaiming space in the art scene for women of color.  Read more »

A Short Resource Guide to Food, Race, and Cultural Appropriation

These podcasts, books, and talks are great starting places for thinking about race and food. Read more »

The Jungle Book's Complicated Relationship With Imperialism

Over its many iterations, Rudyard Kipling’s story has positioned Mowgli as a God or a conflicted child. The new Disney version seeks a harmonious message.  Read more »