reproductive rights

How "Mad Men" is a Call to Arms

Joan got herself a seat at the table… but equality was a long way off. If you’re an active Democrat, you’ve probably gotten the emails: “No More Mad Men.” Read more »

Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Science Behind Abortion

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a weekly comics series that graphically explores sex  and sexuality. This week, Erika Moen explains the science behind a certain kind of abortion.    Read more »

Colorado Politicians are Rocking Fabulous IUD Earrings

IUD earrings won by Colorado politicians are made by Etsy seller... Read more »

Republicans Want to Stop Human Trafficking Victims from Getting Abortions

This is the guy writing our national reproductive health policies: Texas Senator John Coryn wrote language into an anti-human trafficking bill that would ban a victim... Read more »

What If Every Abortion Clinic in Louisiana Closed?

In New Orleans, access to abortion is becoming more and more off-limits. Photo by Viewminder.  All across the country, conservative political groups are ... Read more »

Check Out These Two New Feminist Documentaries in the Works

The last time we heard about a film being pulled from theaters it was The Interview, a major studio production that received so much publicity from the alleged “censorship” that it’s earned almost $46 million to date. This stands deep contrast to what the filmmakers of... Read more »

Last Year, 52 Percent of Abortion Clinics Faced Threats and Intimidation

We need to investigate clinic violence. A survey from the Feminist Majority Foundation of 242 abortion-... Read more »

Nicki Minaj Shows the Importance of Fighting Abortion Stigma

Nicki Minaj recently told Rolling Stone that she is pro-choice. Photo by Christopher Macsurak. There is danger in a single story, as award-winning author ... Read more »

The United States Gets a C Grade on Reproductive Rights

Your rights shouldn’t depend on your zip code. Read more »

The Bizarre Tradition of Anti-Choice Christmas Caroling

Ah, the holidays. A time of year where music fills the air with songs of peace and joy—and abortion? Read more »


The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films

In 1948, in a seventh grade classroom in Eugene, Oregon, a teacher dimmed the lights and flipped on 16mm projector. A film called Human... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Anti-Choice Hidden Camera Edition

Tool-in-pimp's-clothing James O'Keefe's laughable costume and douchebag seduction methods have mostly discredited his conservative... Read more »

In a Bizarre 1976 Comic Book, Spider-Man Fought the Villain of Misleading Sex Education

Last week, I came across a very strange comic book: in 1976, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Marvel to publish a one-off comic in which... Read more »

Films and TV Portray Abortion as More Dangerous Than It Is

Films and television shows tend to present a skewed portrayal of abortion—when fictional movies and TV shows include a plotline about abortion... Read more »