Abuse Knows No Gender: “Queering Sexual Violence” Gives Victims a Voice

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Evolving Goddess: Manitas Nerviosas Fully Blossoms On “Ilumíname”

In a dangerous time for folks who don’t conform to the norms of the heteropatriarchy, Mou bravely walks onstage as proof that both gender transgression and resistance are more relevant than the fear and hate of the outside world. Read more »

This “GLOW” Is Better Than Your Shade: BDSM Consent Done Right

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“Footprint” Confronts the Impact of Overpopulation on Poor People of Color

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“Ojos Del Sol” Celebrates Contradictions and Mexican Folklore

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Between Two Worlds: “Ixcanul” Highlights a Cultural Conflict Many Immigrants Face

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The Anti-Heroine in “Lady Macbeth” is More Sinister Than She Seems

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Austra Calls Out White Supremacy On “Future Politics”

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“Women in the Qur’an” Makes Islam a Liberation Tool

“Women in the Qur’an” may prove an important contribution to the conversation about Islam and the sociopolitical realities of Muslim women’s lived experience. Read more »