Performance Anxiety: Why I’m Here to Watch Drake Worship Rihanna

Black women deserve to be loved out in the open, away from the shadows where darkness often conveys shame.

Best and Worst Moments from the 2013 Oscars: Seth MacFarlane, Domestic Violence is an Awful Punchline!

  Last night was the Academy Awards, which means my Facebook feed was awash in comments from high school acquaintances along the lines of, “WTF was up with Kristen Stewart!?!? She was totally frowning ... Read more »

Ms. Opinionated: All the Advice You Asked For, and Some You Didn't

Welcome to the latest installment of Ms. Opinionated, in which readers have questions about the pesky day-to-day choices we all face, and I give advice about how to make ones that (hopefully) best reflect our shared commitment to feminist values—as well as advice on what to do when they don’t... Read more »

RetroPop: On the Manhunt with Rihanna's "Where Have You Been?" and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Hi there everyone and welcome to another installment of RetroPop, the guest blog in which I provide mashups of thematically similar female-performed Billboard charting radio tunes and great feminist works from the past and say, “WOW, you’re both making some nifty and sorta related social... Read more »

Thinking Kink: The Right to Play With Race

Last post I looked at those for whom playing with racialized imagery in kink is too close to the bone. Today I’m turning my attention to the the black artists and performers who refused to be silenced in their desire to push boundaries. Read more »

Thinking Kink: Playing With Race in BDSM

As with the issue of female sexual submission, racial imagery in a BDSM context is an issue apt to cause heated debates, so I want to include both sides of the argument. Today, I’ll examine the objections to the use of racialized imagery in kink, and in my next post I’ll look at the... Read more »

Thinking Kink: Moving Beyond Abuse with BDSM

Last post, I looked at how BDSM can be used to work through abuse. But what of those who want to use BDSM to move on from, not replay, traumatic pasts? Today, I’m thinking about the difficulty of shedding the “victim” label when an abuse survivor chooses to be kinky… Read more »

Thinking Kink: Swinging Both Ways (Christian Grey Included)

Dominant, submissive, top, bottom, masochist, sadist… What if your kink preferences don’t fit one of these labels? Does popular culture have no time for fence-sitters, or as Jay Wiseman called them, “switch-hitters”? Or does it regularly represent them without acknowledging their... Read more »

On Our Radar

Here’s what you missed while you were planning your Oscars party… At This Ain’t Livin’, s.e. smith wants to know where are all the disabled pop culture creators? Mother Jones has a ... Read more »

On Our Radar

We actually do have a radar, and we’re tracking a mysterious holiday feminist flying a bike over the Pacific Ocean, spreading cheer to all. Tami Winfrey Harris has a piece at Racialicious that might help you navigate disagreements with loved ones and the... Read more »

In The Frame: Nan Goldin, "One Month After Being Battered"

“There is no separation between me and what I photograph,” said the artist Nan Goldin. This has never been truer than with the self-portrait that captures her injuries caused by an abusive boyfriend. Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about, but this image speaks volumes. Read more »