Electro Feminisms: Robyn, Torch Singer

One of the most interesting ways to view Swedish singer Robyn is as a kind of electro torch singer. On some of her best songs, Robyn is, as the Alcazar song goes, crying at the discotheque. Read on for more.

Electro Feminisms: Fembots Have Feelings Too

Last time I discussed what happens when female artists imagine themselves having sex with robots. This time, I’m more interested in what happens when they imagine themselves as robots. Read on for more... Read more »

B-Sides: Robyn is a Dancing Queen

Our undying love of all things Robyn is no secret. Her catchy jams, fembot sensibility, and all-around awesomeness make her impossible to resist! So of course I was unable to resist attending her show here in Portland over the weekend, and I’m glad I didn’t.... Read more »

Music Matters: Dancing on My Own

But the dancefloor has always done it for me. Doesn't matter much what kind of music. In my days as a spookyweird kid in New Orleans it was goth night and punk shows, doing the cobweb-pull (goth inside joke) or slamming into other bodies in the pit, wearing my bruises as a badge of honor. I'm... Read more »

Music Matters: Persona and Performance

Because I'm not a musician, I'm a writer, I tend to like and analyze and pick at the lyrics of songs. But at the same time, to be any sort of a pop music critic I have to look at the whole package, not just the lyrics. Each part of a pop song is a deliberate choice, and sometimes those choices... Read more »

Music Matters: Gonna Love You Like I'm Indestructible

Or: How Robyn Released Three Albums in a Year And Kept Them Interesting. When I look back at 2010, it will probably have been the Year of Robyn. It was the Year of Pop Music for me, really, but I came back to Robyn again and again. Part of that was accidental—I finally sat down and listened to... Read more »

Music Matters: Magic Songs

It's something I can never quite put my finger on but I use certain songs to play my own emotions like a musical instrument, to change the way I feel (as long as I can handle feeling something intensely). Which songs do it for you? Read more »