New Music Monday: Weaves

Toronto band Weaves has fun, but they aren’t even remotely messing around. Read more »

Reversing Muses: Women, Music, and Podcasts

Two recent podcasts have featured iconic female musicians in conversation with each other about representation in the music industry.  Read more »

Video Premiere: The Shondes' "Everything Good"

In their sweet latest single “Everything Good,” The Shondes demonstrate that sometimes expressing head-over-heels love and happiness is a radical act.  Read more »

New Music Monday: Gurr

Gurr’s surf rock perfectly captures the essence of driving on a long stretch of road with the windows down and your best friend riding shotgun.  Read more »

BitchTapes: Voice Lessons

A mix of voices that expand our horizons, change the way we listen, and challenge our expectations. Read more »

G.L.O.S.S. and the Unbearable Weightiness of Success

Days after announcing their choice to turn down a lucrative record deal, queer-centric Olympia punk band G.L.O.S.S has annoucned their breakup.  Read more »

Cut & Paste: Zines About Women Musicians

From Yoko Ono and the Supremes to punk and hardcore, check out these four zines about highlighting women in music. Read more »

New Music Monday: Rena's "Rude Chick"

Rena says she used to make “sad girl” music. Then she turned to rock and roll.  Read more »

Rocking Out With L7

“Any pregnant women in the house?” L7’s Donita Sparks inquired, surveying the crowd.  Read more »

How a War Sought to Destroy Cambodia’s Music Culture

In 1953, as Cambodia inched its way toward independence following the ouster of French control, the nation’s budding musicians sought to find a voice all their own. Read more »