Syracuse Punk Band Perfect Pussy Refuses to Stay Quiet.

Meredith Graves, the 26-year-old lead singer of Syracuse clamor-punks Perfect Pussy, refuses to stay quiet. Riding high off their recent performance at SXSW, and their newly released debut album, Say Yes to Love, on March 18,... Read more »

Meet Têtes Noires, the Super Catchy All-Girl Feminist Rock Group from the Eighties

Têtes Noires performing at Minneapolis venue First Avenue in 1985.  The best album of 2013 was actually recorded in 1984. That was the year that ... Read more »

Music Matters: Sex, Guns'N'Roses, Nine Inch Nails, and My Misspent Youth

There always comes a point, when someone asks me to write for them, that I decide it's time to write about sex. When it comes to a column about music, that's not as difficult as you might think. Sex is everywhere in pop music—rock 'n' roll, hip hop, r&b, they're full of it. From the moment... Read more »

Music Matters: Dream of Life

(Lyrics here) In the world of rock'n'roll, there are stars and there are poets, virtuosos and punks, heroes and losers and fallen idols. And then there is Patti Smith. Read more »

Music Matters: Why Feminists* Love Bruce Springsteen

*By "feminists" I mean me. Not long ago, I got into a conversation on Twitter about why feminists love Bruce Springsteen. Of course I can't speak for all feminists or even most feminists, but I can certainly discuss my love for Springsteen. And it seems only right to follow... Read more »

Music Matters: The Man in Black

Johnny Cash, "The Man In Black" (Click for lyrics) A few months ago, I read a... Read more »

Music Matters: A Time for Horror

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Tupelo” (click for lyrics) On election day I was cheerily envisioning a future beyond hate and war with ... Read more »

Music Matters: Hustle and Cuss (Or, Why I Love Alison Mosshart)

If you happen to follow me on Tumblr, my obsession with Alison Mosshart is no secret. The witchy-haired singer/guitarist/all-around rock superheroine from The Kills and The Dead Weather probably occupies more space on my Tumblr than... Read more »

Music Matters: Corin Tucker

That VOICE. By the end (I’m hoping not for good, but for now, anyway) of Sleater-Kinney Corin Tucker’s voice was a finely honed weapon, full of deep, slow, sexy soul and capable of an earsplitting wail, a bonechilling snarl, a rock’n’roll howl that didn’t so much as... Read more »

Music Matters: Persona and Performance

Because I'm not a musician, I'm a writer, I tend to like and analyze and pick at the lyrics of songs. But at the same time, to be any sort of a pop music critic I have to look at the whole package, not just the lyrics. Each part of a pop song is a deliberate choice, and sometimes those choices... Read more »