Political InQueery: The Trick of Measuring Up

Ronald Reagan has nearly reached mythic status in this early part of the 21st century as something of a Republican’s Republican. Every year in Congress, no matter which party controls the House, at least one representative introduces a bill to name something big after Reagan, or to build a... Read more »

Political InQueery: How to Stop People from Voting

This year, an unprecedented wave of voter suppression bills hit statehouses across the country, and garnered very little media attention in response, even as voting rights activists decried the shift. In 27 states, bills that will demand voters show identification, bills that require proof of... Read more »

Political InQueery: SCOTUS, Wal-Mart, and the Limits on the Rule of Law

In what I’ll call the executive summary of the Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the class action lawsuit alleging sex-based discrimination against the female employees of Wal-Mart, Justice Scalia writes that the plaintiffs must show evidence that the company operates under “a... Read more »

Political InQueery: Criticism & Obamockery

Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown (not to be confused with the football player) was yanked by GOP operatives at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this weekend... Read more »

Political InQueery: Messages & Omissions in the Early Campaign

Information on the power of American workers’ wages show stark losses in their portion of the money pie, unemployment figures took a hit in May that required explanation, and for all of the “recession is over” talk in Washington, people don’t feel optimistic about their own economic outlook.... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: Barriers to Women in Science

It seems like recently women’s underrepresentation in science and technology is finally being seen as a serious issue. It’s a more and more frequent topic of conversation in the feminist blogosphere, and in last week... Read more »

Political InQueery: Lying Liars and the Lies They Think They Can Get Away With

If aliens are evaluating whether to visit Earth and reveal their secrets of the universe, they had better not be looking at in their analysis, or they’d certainly reject the idea. Once again, two scandals about men who misappropriated technology and then lied about it have made... Read more »

Revenge of the Feminerd: The Queeriodic Table

Vancouver artists Jen Crothers and Kona have created a delightfully nerdy project to raise awareness of queer language and its evolution, and to raise money for the local organization ... Read more »

Political InQueery: The Danger of Conscientiousness

Last January a certain bill in the House of Representatives caught the attention of the media. At the very start of the 112th Congress, House Republicans made moves to “redefine rape” and shift how publicly funded insurance covers (or doesn’t cover) abortions. Speaker of the House John... Read more »

Political InQueery: Yes We Might

It has only been a few years since the “yes we can” wave made landfall in Washington, DC, ushering in Barack Obama and a broad sense of hope, after two long Bush administrations, during which progressives were increasingly alienated and frustrated. While President Obama was marketed, during the... Read more »


Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps

British scientists have uncovered the truth behind one of modern culture's greatest mysteries: why little girls play with pink toys. Is it...

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