Open Thread: Health Care Reform and the Stupak Amendment

On Saturday night the House of Representatives narrowly passed a health-care reform bill, changing the way Americans will access health insurance. Included in the bill was an amendment from Bart Stupak (D-MI... Read more »

On the Map: One Day, One Struggle: A Campaign for Human Rights in Muslim Societies

Today, over twenty organizations in eleven countries will hold “simultaneous events and public demonstrations on topics like protesting customary practices such as honor killings and FGM/C, overturning discriminatory and life threatening laws like stoning or lashing of women, and calling for LGBT... Read more »

Swine & Dandy: What if we did as much to prevent rape as we do to prevent H1N1?

I spent most of this past spring and summer rolling my eyes every time I heard a news story about the swine flu. Almost every day local reporters got hysterical about 5 or 10 or 20 confirmed cases. Entire schools closed in response to a handful of kids with... Read more »

The Body Electric: Sick Bodies--Health Care and the Body-As-Machine

Nothing gets a person thinking deeply about health care faster--it turns out--than being home sick with something that started out looking an awful lot like H1N1. I am newly-insured, and my policy is partialy subsidized by my part-time employer. As a working writer and teaching artist, I am... Read more »

The Body Electric: New Normal--More Reasons to Love Radiolab

  I am a teaching artist, and I work every year with high school creative writing students at the San Francisco School of the Arts. The unit I've designed this year is on the topic of hybrid text, which really is a way to talk to a bunch of brilliant young people about more than just that. This... Read more »

The Body Electric: California Versus Uruguay on Queer Issues--Guess Who Wins This Week?

In this corner, California: home to the Bay Area, which is probably among the most queer-friendly places in the world. Though notoriously "pro-H8," California has relatively comprehensive domestic partnership laws and the Bay Area, in particular, offers a host of legal and health services to the... Read more »

Elinor Ostrom Gets the Nobel Prize in Economics, and We All Win

These days everyone seems to be caught up in the Obama Peace Prize hullabaloo: He’s only been in office for 9 months! How do we know he deserves it? What if he surges the troops in Afghanistan? Personally, I couldn’t care less. By now, the Nobel Peace Prize is right up there with the... Read more »

The Body Electric-Bodies as Weapons: When the G20 Comes to Your Hometown

    You know what? I get it. The G20 is a symbol of everything that's wrong with globalized capitalism. Protesting their gatherings makes a lot of sense to me. This year the G20 is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we are once again awash in apocalyptic images of police-state riot gear and angry... Read more »

The Original Potter

I'm sure you're all very familiar with Beatrix Potter and her famous rabbit creation, Peter. I grew up with the books myself, but never really appreciated the illustrations fully until I saw many of the original works at the Smithsonian in a travelling exhibit. The detail and warmth is... Read more »


Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps

British scientists have uncovered the truth behind one of modern culture's greatest mysteries: why little girls play with pink toys. Is it...

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