Bristol Palin is Against Obama's Support of Gay Marriage, Blames Teen Girls and Too Much Glee

Bristol Palin has a blog post up today on Patheos about how problematic it is that Barack Obama’s... Read more »

End of Gender: "Hard-Wired" Debate is Hard to Swallow

Studies on hard-wired sex differences suggest that even Barbie, whose careers have ranged from astronaut to computer engineer, struggles in the science. Why? Because she’s a woman.... Read more »

Political Fictions: Scandal(ized)

I’ve eagerly anticipated the series premiere of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes’s new foray into DC politics and the people who manage political personalities (and their many issues) behind the scenes. Led by Kerry Washington... Read more »

Political Fictions: Sci-Fi Politicians

So far we’ve looked at fictional female politicians who hold office in what is supposed to be our modern reality. Some of the problematic aspects of these characters have included oversexualization, a tendency toward irrationality or emotional response, and being driven by petty politics. We... Read more »

Political Fictions: Behind the Scenes in DC

If the fictional representatives, senators, and political wannabes we’ve looked at so far in this series have been limited by sexist stereotyping—emotional instability, petty greed, and weakness among these ideas—some of the women who are portrayed working outside of the spotlight come off a... Read more »

Political Fictions: Fictionalizing History

We often hear people refer to entertainment as threat-less, as in “It’s just a movie,” or “It’s only a story.” The bullets shot in blockbuster action movies are blanks, falls from buildings are all staged, and White House-destroying explosions are created only with pixels. Fantasy, not... Read more »

Political Fictions: Power Corrupts Women Like Whoa

There aren’t all that many fictional depictions of women in politics, at least compared with fictional portrayals of women in domestic service, women in trouble with the law, women in the porn industry, and women in some stage of being attacked and killed by a psychopath. Parsing through... Read more »

Political Fictions: The Personal (Life) is Political

It’s something of an understatement to say that politicians have spent a lot of legislative and stump speech time this year talking about women. More specifically, about women’s personal lives. If anyone thought that we’d hear about jobs and the economy, or the pressing need to... Read more »

School's Out: Science is Not an Exact Science

This conception of empiricism—what it means to do “good,” “reliable,” and “valid” science—constrains what work can be done in the future. The exclusions “necessitated” by these models of research aren’t an accident either—broadly speaking, the conception of rationalism underpinning the... Read more »

Political Fictions Kicks Off!

Anyone who’s spent time on a social networking site, watched cable news, or opened their email inbox in the last two months has probably heard about the “GOP’s war on women.” From placing humiliating barriers between women and their reproductive health to erasing domestic violence laws... Read more »


Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps

British scientists have uncovered the truth behind one of modern culture's greatest mysteries: why little girls play with pink toys. Is it...

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