School's Out: Science is Not an Exact Science

This conception of empiricism—what it means to do “good,” “reliable,” and “valid” science—constrains what work can be done in the future. The exclusions “necessitated” by these models of research aren’t an accident either—broadly speaking, the conception of rationalism underpinning the... Read more »

Political Fictions Kicks Off!

Anyone who’s spent time on a social networking site, watched cable news, or opened their email inbox in the last two months has probably heard about the “GOP’s war on women.” From placing humiliating barriers between women and their reproductive health to erasing domestic violence laws... Read more »

The Sudden Pink War: Making Sense of the Komen/Planned Parenthood Rift

By now, chances are you’ve seen the news that the Susan G. Komen Foundation defunded its support of Planned Parenthood, which it had established in 2005. Pressure for the foundation to stop the support began almost immediately, and the national Susan G. Komen board resisted this... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Douche Roundup! Herman Cain Edition

The Republican party can’t catch a break, what with all this Herman Cain business. They’re sad that everyone’s got them figured all wrong. They’re... Read more »

Preacher's Daughter: Why Do We Have to Be "Born This Way"?

Yesterday, Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain clashed with Piers Morgan about whether or not people are born gay. Here’s the video: The... Read more »

Bringing Up Baby: Motherhood as the Dream Deferred

Last month, New York Magazine published a cover story entitled “Parents of a Certain Age: Is there anything wrong with being 53 and pregnant?” The title invites the reader to answer the question with a “yes” or a “no.” The author, veteran journalist Lisa Miller, says “no,” yet the... Read more »

Political InQueery: False Dichotomies in the Race for President

News of the early election season has been swamped by the stalled debt ceiling vote in Congress, but the proposals put forth by Speaker of the House Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid are sure to factor into stump speeches by the GOP candidates for president. And because this is my farewell in... Read more »

Political Inqueery: Depart the Representative

Amid the debt ceiling debacle, Norway shooting, and fears about Europe’s next default, a news story broke about Oregon Representative David Wu allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman. I’m calling it simply a news story because as we’ll see, the reporting frames it strangely... Read more »

Political InQueery: Mourning in a Busy Internet World

Anyone on Twitter or Facebook this weekend learned quickly that UK singer Amy Winehouse passed away, and speculation about a drug overdose ran rampant over the information highway. The attention, in the United States anyway, dwarfed the other big story of the weekend, that an extreme right-wing man... Read more »

Political InQueery: Why the GOP Will Fracture

I’ve avoided talking about the debt ceiling debates for as long as the people on the Hill have avoided doing anything about the debt ceiling itself. Also, it’s hard to make financial ratings, credit defaults, and inadequate remedies sound like popular culture—unless, I guess, we’... Read more »


Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps

British scientists have uncovered the truth behind one of modern culture's greatest mysteries: why little girls play with pink toys. Is it...

Read more »