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Reconsidering Rashida: Her Slut-Shaming is Bad, but not “Anti-Feminist”

Man, Rashida Jones really stepped in it, didn’t she? Following up on a series of ill-advised tweets (with the charming hashtag #stopactinglikewhores) aimed at “encouraging” female pop stars to cut it with hyper-sexual stuff already, Jones channeled her inner Sunday school teacher again last week... Read more »

Craving the Other: One woman's beef with cultural appropriation and food

For a long time, Vietnamese food made me uncomfortable. It was brothy, weirdly fishy, and full of the gross animal parts that other people didn’t seem to want. It was too complicated. I wanted the straightforward, prefabricated snacks that I saw on television: Bagel Bites, Pop-Tarts, chicken... Read more »

Food From the Cusps: A Q&A with Kay Ulanday Barrett

This article appears in our 2014 Winter issue, Food. Subscribe today! Kay Ulanday Barrett is a spoken-word artist, poet, performer, and activist who has engaged in collaborations with a number of righteous organizations for racial and gender justice, including the Brown Boi Project and the... Read more »

Watch this Amazing Conversation Between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

The New School hosted an amazing conversation this afternoon between MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and acclaimed writer bell hooks.     Highlights from the... Read more »

Talking Costumes with Cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch

Costumes aren’t just a Halloween thing for a lot of Americans. Bitch Creative and Editorial Director Andi Zeisler talked with cosplayers at Seattle’s Geek Girl Con this month, including... Read more »

20 Feminist Halloween Costumes

It can be hard to find a good costume, what with the current trend in sexy cheeseburgers. Don’t worry, here are 20 great costume ideas.   1. Any of the amazing... Read more »

We Need to Raise the Bar on Being an Ally.

Racism is an integral part of US culture, but the shape and nature of racism changes with every generation.  This country’s roots in slavery and colonization gave way to Jim Crow, reservations, and racist immigration policies.  Since the late 1960s, we’ve been living in the post-... Read more »

Seven Stories of Ways to Stop Street Harassment

Street harassment has been part of my existence since I was a young teenager, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school in 2006 that I even learned the term “street harassment.” Read more »

The Rise of the Anti-Rapist Anti-Hero

Egyptian comics character Qahera, a new Muslim superhero who fights street harassment and sexual violence.   At the beginning of September, around the time news broke of Ciudad Juárez’s ... Read more »

As George Zimmerman Shows, Violence in the Street Can Mean Violence at Home

George and Shellie Zimmerman, appearing in court. Photo via In case you haven’t heard, George... Read more »


Douchebag Decree: Anti-Choice Hidden Camera Edition

Tool-in-pimp's-clothing James O'Keefe's laughable costume and douchebag seduction methods have mostly discredited his conservative... Read more »

Politically Correct Language Isn't Just About Being Polite—It's About Survival

Photo by Phillipe Leroyer (Creative Commons). Two weeks ago, Jonathan Chait published the lengthy essay “Not a Very P.C.... Read more »

All Hail the Queen?: What Do Our Perceptions of Beyoncé's Feminism Say about us?

The policing of feminist cred is the real moral contradiction. Read more »

Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice

Our justice movements desperately need science fiction. Read more »