Confessions of a Lifelong Football Fan

                     It shouldn’t be controversial to say that the only thing that the NFL cares about is money. Read more »

"Glena" Raises the Bar for Films About Female Fighters

When Portland, Oregon documentarian Allan Luebke began working on Glena, about mixed martial artist Glena Avila, he’d envisioned a month... Read more »

Female Soccer Players Team Up to Fight FIFA's "Second-Class" Treatment

The US and Canadian national soccer teams face off in 2011. Photo by Brent Flanders. Back in April, US national soccer team forward Sydney Leroux ... Read more »

Here's What We Can Do to Make the NFL Take Domestic Violence Seriously.

The NFL suspended Ray Rice indefinitely this week. But the NFL’s problem is bigger than just one player. Photo source. How can sports fans change a soulless behemoth of a money-... Read more »

What Happens When White Men Talk About Black Women in Sports

During an ESPN interview last week, Mo’ne Davis stressed that she really just wants to play ball.  In last week’s Little League World Series, Mo’Ne Davis was the all-star on the pitcher’s mound: ... Read more »

The NFL's Domestic Violence Problem

It’s difficult to watch the grainy video of Janay Palmer without getting a knot in the pit of your stomach. A viral video of a football player lugging his unconscious fiancé around like a garbage bag was seen by millions of Americans,... Read more »

Sex Workers Stage Protests Against Police Crackdowns at the World Cup

While a FIFA fan fest raged in Rio de Janeiro’s ritzy Copacabana neighborhood last week, a few blocks away Brazilian sex workers were having their own party. Read more »

Against the Ropes: For women boxers, it's a fight just to get in the ring

Photos are from Women Boxers: The New Warriors, by Delilah Montoya. More than a decade before Maureen “Moe” Shea was Hilary Swank’s sparring partner in Million Dollar Baby, she was struggling just to get a jab in. “There were gyms that closed the door in my face,” says... Read more »

What's Missing from the Conversation Around Donald Sterling?

Its a shame to paraphrase the recording that made Clippers owner Donald Sterling the first American professional sports magnate to be banned from the NBA for racist remarks—the full thing is a breathtaking thesis on race and sex in this country. Read more »

What Happens When Athletes Contradict Their Media Narratives?

A still from the NBC coverage of Adelina Sotnikova’s surprising winning skate at the 2014 Olympics. There are two ways to succeed at sports: by being memorable, or by winning. Note that one achievement does not necessarily imply the other, and that in some sports the two can... Read more »