student loans

Backtalk: Student Moans

This week, Dahlia and Amy get upset about student loans. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign recently unveiled a student loan forgiveness plan as part of her platform, finally seriously centering the student debt crisis as something the government should help alleviate. How we talk about the student loan crisis is important because it can shift the focus from student responsibility to how predatory loaning is screwing us all. And we still want to know what you want to see re-booted in Amy vs Dahlia!  Text “reboot” to 503-855-6485 to let us know what you think!

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Racist Backlash against Marie Kondo

  “The idea that we should maybe look at the sum total of our belongings and decide if we’re happy is not a controversial or even new idea.” Read more »