SXSW Day 3: Women With Guitars

Thursday was the hottest, busiest, and most rewarding day of SXSW Music festival yet for Bitch. We saw some great female-fronted bands, and had several more recommended to us. No amount of sore feet, sunburn, and waiting in line to only maybe get... Read more »

SXSW Day 2: Six Awesome, Genre-Bending, Women-led Bands

Day one of Austin’s SXSW Music fest was about seeing bands from around the world, day two was about seeing bands from wildly disparate genres. We saw garage rock, alternative folk, dark dreampop, singer-songwriters, and 60s... Read more »

Four Great Female-Fronted Bands from SXSW's First Day

Tuesday kicked off SXSW Music, the world’s biggest urban music festival. Bitch is in Austin for the festival all week, covering bands we love and think you’ll love too. Read below the jump for highlights from our first of many 12+ hours days on the streets of Austin. Read more »

Bitch at SXSW!

Austin is excited to see us! Bitch is at the SXSW music and interactive festival in Austin, Texas this week! SXSW is the... Read more »

SXSW Film: <em>Fly Away</em> Depicts Autism with Honesty, Tenderness

Fly Away, opens on Jeanne, a single mother, as she is awoken by her teenage daughter’s cries. “Bad girl! I hate myself!” It might not be a surprising sentiment for a teenager in the throes of an angst-ridden moment, but Mandy is severe on the spectrum of autism, and the middle of the night... Read more »

SXSW Interactive: "Mainstream is Nothing": Felicia Day and Christopher "moot" Poole

My take on the Felicia Day and Christopher “moot” Poole keynotes at SXSW 2011. Read more »

SXSW Film: <em>Small, Beautifully Moving Parts</em> is a Road Movie for Tech Geeks

Sarah Sparks loves technology. A freelance tech geek, she fixes everything from new computers to old radios and calls her home pregnancy test a “nifty gadget.” When its digital... Read more »

SXSW Film: <em>The Dish and the Spoon</em>

Alison Bagnall’s The Dish and the Spoon opens with Rose (Greta Gerwig) despondently crying as she drives to... Read more »

Bitchtapes: SXSW 2011 pt. 2

Wrapping up a week of sun, fun, and rocking out, here’s another compilation of just a handful of performers at this year’s SXSW! Stay tuned for more music, film, and interactive coverage, and thanks to Austin locals Sara Reihani and... Read more »

On Our Radar

Meanwhile, in the land of blogdom… Tiger Beatdown’s Garland Grey reports from SXSW!... Read more »