Taylor Swift

She Pop: Your Halloween House of Pop Star Horror

Oh, hey, it's Halloween everybody! Halloween, of course, is the holiday when we celebrate terror, goofy outfits, and bad life decisions made at parties that get ever-so-slightly out-of hand. I'm sure lots of you will be celebrating this sacred day with "costumes" and "parties" and "actually leaving... Read more »

She Pop: The Red and The White--Some Thoughts On Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Dear Lord, Taylor Swift fans! I cannot keep up with you! Witness just a sampling of the very angry comments on my Taylor Swift post of last week:  Personally I think she is kind of silly, but I can understand why so many people like [Taylor]. Especially teen girls. She tells girls that its okay to... Read more »

She Pop: Taylor Swift Wants To Ban Access To Your Lady Bits

Ladies, gentlemen: it is time to discuss the pernicious influence of Taylor Swift on our society today. Oh, I know. I’ve heard all the pro-Taylor propaganda—about how she’s a “good role model,” and an antidote to your Lohans or your Hiltons or your Gagas or whatever other female... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Edition

Time for another episode of Bitch Popaganda! It’s like The View, only we all believe the earth is round. Tune in as Andi, Jonanna, Sara, and Kelsey discuss the idea of modern civility. Celebrities invoked include Kanye West, Serena Williams, Joe Wilson, Michael Jordan, Patrick Swayze, and... Read more »

She Pop-Edward Cullen, Face of Girl Power: On The Girliness of Pop, And Why It Matters

You know what's fun about this New York Times article about how the Twilight soundtrack might save the money-hemorrhaging record industry? That it has only one mention of who is most likely to buy tie-in Twilight products. You know: girls.  Now: it is not my intent, here, to start another... Read more »

She Pop: VMA Disappointments For Everyone!

Ah, the VMAs! Pop spectacle at its finest! If, by "finest," you mean "most spectacularly overhyped and therefore ripe for viewer disappointment." Which is what I mean, actually, so I'm good. And today, in my quest to provide you with the least timely post on the VMAs EVER, I present you with three... Read more »