Laws Restricting Abortion Access Don't Improve Health—They Hurt, Say Doctors

The Supreme Court hears from opponents of a controversial Texas law.

Douchebag Decree: Texas Laws are Just the Worst.

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Judge Rules That Texas Abortion Law is an Unconstitutional Burden on Women

Photo of a Texas pro-choice protester by Mirsasha (Creative Commons) After a three-day trial, a Texas judge ruled today that a key section of the state’s controversial slate of abortion-rights... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

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Despite What Rick Perry Says, Support for Safe, Legal Abortion is a Mainstream Value

Laws restricting abortion rights have recently swept the country like a flood—legislatures in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin have all launched into high-profile debates over... Read more »

A Short List of Abortion Rights Restricted This Week

There have been so many political fights over abortion access this week in the US that it has been overwhelming to try and keep up on what’s happening where. in case you haven’t been able to keep straight which douchebags are restricting rights in which states, exactly, here’s a... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

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The Power of Language Versus Data in Texas's Fiery Abortion Debate

In Texas today, 3,543 people signed up to publicly speak their mind on abortion. The capitol building crowd of reproductive rights advocates who turned out to protest... Read more »

Why Texas Abortion-Restriction Laws are a National Problem

Today, thousands of Texans are crowding their state capitol, protesting Governor Rick Perry special legislative session to consider a bill (now known as HB2) that would ... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the feminist news on my radar today! • Today is a big day in Texas, where Governor Rick Perry called a second special session of the legislature, just to take another vote on a bill (now called... Read more »

Dear Rick Perry—You're a Jerk.

Governor Rick Perry has demanded a second special Texas legislative session on July 1 just to take a vote on bill SB5 that would shutter most of the state’s... Read more »