Being Alive: How Sondheim Made Space for Queer and Trans People

Stephen Sondheim reminded queer and trans people that they can be complicated and messy, but still worthy of love.

Enduring Legacy: Playwright Josefina Lopez Reflects on “Real Women Have Curves”

Both the play and the film had a massive impact. Read more »

When the Chips Are Down: Anaïs Mitchell Goes Straight to Hades

In the original myth Eurydice dies without agency, but in Hadestown she chooses the underworld and deals with the repercussions. Read more »

Put on a Zoot Suit: Modern-Day Xenophobia Rekindles a Chicano Theatre Classic

The Sleepy Lagoon Trial sprang out of a climate of strong anti-Mexican sentiment in 1940s southern California, and most of the astounding details of the defendants’ violated due process in Zoot Suit are true to life Read more »

Queer Rebels Fest: We’re Still Here, And We’re Not Going Anywhere

KB Boyce and Celeste Chan are organizing San Francisco's Queer Rebels Fest. In the midst of rapid gentrification from The Mission to Bed Stuy, in the loud boom of displacement, police violence, and the of deaths of our kin and our loved ones, we mourn.  Read more »

New Play "Mom Baby God" Goes Behind the Scenes of the Pro-Life Movement

When I first caught sight of a Madeline Burrows, the writer and performer at the center of new play Mom Baby God, I wanted to head straight for the bathroom and hide. She was sporting a side ponytail and pink hoodie, chatting... Read more »

Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home" Will Now Be a New York Musical

Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel Fun Home is the first mainstream musical that centers on the story of a young lesbian, according to the show’s creators.  Read more »

In the Frame: The Exhibition's Over, Time to Review

I can’t believe it’s the end of my guest blog series already. Looking at he theme of art and feminism has raised loads of questions and also given lots of answers. We’ve explored artists who use hair and those who’ve experienced domestic violence, the woman who got a vaginal... Read more »

In The Frame: Life, Death, and Other Lessons Learned from Art

For me, art isn’t just about finding something pretty or intelligent, or wishing I could paint as well as someone else. It’s about looking at a piece and knowing that it’s taught you something and you feel better for having seen it. You understand the world a little better... Read more »

Stage Left: Goodbye Until Tomorrow

As I said in the first post of this series, one of my goals was to leave people with a greater appreciation for musical theatre. Hopefully I’ve succeeded. For this last post I just want to share with you some of my favorite performers and... Read more »

Stage Left: Originals vs. Adaptations

One theme that comes up over and over again in conversations about the State of Musical Theater Today is the tragic lack of original musicals on Broadway. The way everything is an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation. No one’s having new and creative ideas anymore! Well, to be blunt,... Read more »