End of Gender: "Hard-Wired" Debate is Hard to Swallow

Studies on hard-wired sex differences suggest that even Barbie, whose careers have ranged from astronaut to computer engineer, struggles in the science. Why? Because she’s a woman.... Read more »

Mom & Pop Culture: Beyond Pink & Blue Toys

If you know even one kid, you already know they’re more than a stereotype of their gender with a myriad of interests—so why don’t toy manufacturers and ad executives acknowledge this? Read more »

Mom & Pop Culture: Totally Terrible Toys

Yup, that’s right. The folks at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood scoured the toy aisles and found (what they feel are) the top five most offensive toys, and will present the TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young children) Award to the one that takes home the (dis)honor... Read more »

Mom & Pop Culture: McGender: Unpacking the Happy Meal

I’m not a fan of McDonald’s for a variety of reasons, but beyond their tasty unhealthy food they are a perfect example of how marketing has changed over the years to further push gender stereotypes upon consumers. Read more »

Sm{art}: Jennifer Strunge's Cotton Monsters are Frighteningly Cool

As soon as I chanced upon Cotton Monster, I felt like I’d been waiting all my life for toys, art, and eyeballs to intersect. Read more »

Monster High, Reluctantly Revisited: Kindness and Confusion

Remember our Douchebag Decree recipient, Monster High? Prepare yourselves, because things are about to get weird. Mattel has announced a partnership between Monster High and the anti-bullying... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Monster High

Sometimes, products are all the more disappointing when they sounded pretty cool at first. Case in point: Mattel’s blockbuster franchise, Monster High. This series of dolls is centered around the children (mostly daughters) of werewolves, mummies and other classic beasties of horror tales.... Read more »

Tuning In: Nicki Minaj

Today I focus on Nicki Minaj, a female rapper who is part of Lil Wayne's Young Money crew and has recently gone solo She's been on my radar for some time. Jonah Weiner... Read more »

Raising Trouble: Worst Toy of the Year?

Vote for worst toy of the year! Read more »

Raising Trouble: It's Natural

When it comes to gender, members of the media just LOVE reporting with breathless astonishment on research that appears to reinforce conventional wisdom. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of squishing to make it fit said conventional wisdom; cf. coverage of just about every study on daycare's... Read more »