True Blood

True Blood: Save Yourself

It was a shenanigans-packed finale on last night’s True Blood! Should we have expected anything less? LaLa’s face says it all.

True Blood: Sunset

Just one episode left in this season of True Blood, and everything’s appropriately off the rails. Exile in Fairyville. Read more »

True Blood: Gone, Gone, Gone

Last night’s True Blood was a real tearjerker, was it not? Read more »

True Blood: Somebody That I Used to Know

It was a come to Jesus meeting in more ways than one on last night’s True Blood. Best Mardi Gras ever? Read more »

True Blood: In the Beginning

Last night’s True Blood gave us drunken karaoke, body horror, and a surprise dose of Islamophobia! WTF? Fairly fairy. We’re live-tweeting the season at @BitchMediaLive. Follow along during the episodes... Read more »

True Blood: Hopeless

Last night’s True Blood may have been “Hopeless,” but it gave us plenty to hope for. Party Roman likes to party. Read more »

True Blood: Let's Boot and Rally

Last night’s episode of True Blood gave us plenty of reasons to boot—and a few reasons to rally, too. Just a typical night out in Bon Temps. Read more »

True Blood: We'll Meet Again

Did you watch True Blood last night? Check out our live tweets from the episode after the jump! Read more »

True Blood: You Made Me

If you were in the market for some Eric+Bill slash fiction fodder or some nudie pics of Frank Sobotka, last night’s True Blood did not disappoint. You really can’t blame her for being pissed off. Read more »

True Blood: Authority Always Wins

Did you watch True Blood on Sunday? The Authority made an appearance (creepy kid and Christopher Meloni included), Tara lost it all over Sookie’s house, and Sheriff Andy reminded us that “assmunch” is an underused insult. And (thank Lilith!) Pam was still wearing that kitty cat... Read more »

True Blood: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Did you watch the season premiere of True Blood last night? Just when I thought nothing could distract me from my post-Mad Men ennui… Have I told you lately that I love you? Read more »