Stop calling Joan Holloway fat!

If I hear another blogger/author/interviewer comment on Christina Hendricks’ weight I might lose it. As if her body (omg BOOBS) wasn’t enough of a focus already, now she is being picked apart for her appearance at the Golden... Read more »

Screenshot: Lose the Biggest Loser already

Not only does this show perpetuate the popular "fat equals unhealthy" with its unspoken corollary "therefore, thin equals healthy," it also overtly coaches its participants to engage in what Kate Harding so aptly called "the fantasy of being thin." And then there's the vomiting and dehydration.... Read more »

Screenshot: Katey Sagal got jobbed!

Katey Sagal's created not one, not two, but three iconic and indelible characters on TV. And she's nowhere near the Golden Globes tomorrow. Read more »

Race Card: Oprah

Egypt. India. The Ukraine. Oprah tried to show viewers what life’s like for married women in these places via her “Marriage around the World” show Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Queen of Talk came up short,... Read more »

Screenshot: Tina Fey, avatar of ambivalence

Can we talk about the food thing? It wasn't particularly cute when Aaron Sorkin made Republican blonde Ainsley Hayes' thing her prodigious appetite, and it's sort of unsettling how Liz's unhealthy and emotional relationship with food is played as hysterical now. Read more »

Date Night vs. The Bounty Hunter

I might be a little late to the party on this one, since this trailer’s been out for a while, but I think Tina Fey’s upcoming movie Date Night looks like a lot of fun. And (judging only by this trailer) it seems to avoid many of the rom... Read more »

Screenshot: Why it may not matter whether a woman ever hosts Late Night

This whole late-night kerfluffle is an odd relic of a dying age. Maybe, the next TV institution won't be as much of a boys' club as late night turned out to be. Read more »

Screenshot: Reality TV hitting close to home

Talk about a case of reality TV hitting close to home: students at a beauty college in Alameda, California, found out that the owners of the college had been shopping around the following reality TV proposal: "The students are mostly inner-city, unwed mothers taking advantage of government... Read more »

Screenshot: Surprise! I don't hate "What I hate about myself"

Is this show really another iteration in the genre of mainstream women's "service" entertainment, where "service" is defined as "we will have a lot of contempt for you unless you conform to these commercial norms?" Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Hate Show with Dave Letterman

As you may know already,... Read more »


Films and TV Portray Abortion as More Dangerous Than It Is

Films and television shows tend to present a skewed portrayal of abortion—when fictional movies and TV shows include a plotline about abortion... Read more »

Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »

What I Learned About Gender and Power from Sailor Moon

My life began in 1995 — the year I turned eight and became a divorced kid.    Read more »