New Stevie Nicks Film "In Your Dreams" is Only for the Superfans

I love Stevie Nicks. Who doesn’t? However, I came upon her music only within the last couple years—I’m by no means a Stevie expert. So I was excited to see In Your Dreams, the new film Nicks and collaborator Dave Stewart directed, at SXSW this month; the screening was a chance to learn more about Stevie from herself and an opportunity to wear a Stevie-approved ensemble (long flowing skirt obviously).

Beautiful Creatures is a Cut Above Other Supernatural Teen Romances

‘Tis the season of the perennial teenage supernatural romance.  New film Beautiful Creatures is a chicken-and-dumplings plate with a heapin’ helping of that angst-filled young love so common to tween fantasy, spiced with Flannery O’Conner-flavored Southern Gothic and... Read more »

Thank God It's Over: An Elegy for Twilight

In its heyday, Dazzled by Twilight operated two stores, a performance space, and a tour of Twilight-related sites around Forks, Washington (population 3,175 and 8.5 Vampires), the former logging town–turned–Twilight fan mecca. Amidst fake conifers (... Read more »

No broken ribs in Breaking Dawn

Even though we’re three feature films away from the conclusion of the Twilight film series (Eclipse premiers at the end of this month), there’s already talk of what the adaptation of Breaking Dawn, the final book in the series... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Caitlin Flanagan, our first Douchebag All-Star!

  Sometimes a simple acknowledgment of douchery just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to step back and marvel at how consistent, how dedicated, how impressively shameless a person's commitment to being a total asshole is. And that's why Bitch has decided it's time to start recognizing those... Read more »

Bill Condon brings creepy sexpertise to Breaking Dawn

What do sex, creepiness, Beyoncé, The Candyman, and Robert Pattinson have in common (besides making for excellent fanfic)? Why, Bill Condon, of course. The director, best known for his work on Kinsey and Dreamgirls, will direct the fourth... Read more »

The Young and The Feckless: What Cinema Says About Career Type

One of the most thought-provoking movies I saw in 2009 (okay, I didn't see it until 2010) was Up in the Air. Even months later, I'm still not sure whether I actually liked it or... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

This comic-loving cat is very disappointed in the poorly-lettered drivel that is Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1. While Young Kim’s... Read more »

Forever Your Girl: The Legacy of Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood

Call it a feminist coincidence: Two books published in 1963 examine gender, sex, and marriage, but arrive at diametrically opposite conclusions. In The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan complains that “the only passion, the only pursuit, the only goal a woman is permitted is the pursuit of a man.”... Read more »

Screenshot: Whatever Lola wants, she deserves

If there is a better metaphor for the corrosive spiritual effects of internalizing the dehumanizing commercial definition of “beauty” than the soul-sickened doctors of “Nip/Tuck,” I haven’t seen it on TV. Read more »

New Moon's success means women hate sex. Obviously.

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that the whole Twilight phenomenon is interesting. Here at Bitch we’ve written about the movies, the books,... Read more »