Dark Noise: our Third Podcast

Bitch’s third foray into the world of podcast continues! Hot off the hard drive, our Dark Noise episode (inspired by both our Loud and Noir issues) features new segments such as “Ask Your Cervix,” tween delight over a Twilight premiere, interviews with two female metal rockers, and no... Read more »

Bite Me! (Or Don’t): “Twilight” Has Created a New YA Genre: Abstinence Porn

Edward and Bella are deeply in love and working hard to keep their pants on, a story line that has captured the attention of a devoted group of fans who obsess over the relationship and delight in Edward’s superhuman strength to just say no. Read more »

The Genius Behind American Pie Might Be Directing the Twilight Sequel

More (rumored) news on the Twilight sequel now that Catherine Hardwicke is no longer the director.  Nikki Finke's got an ... Read more »

Calling all Female Hacks: Please Direct More Movies

Looks like I got a little too excited on Friday about the current state of affairs for female directors... By now you've probably heard that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has been fired from the blockbuster teen vamp franchise and will not be directing Twilight's sequel New Moon. There's... Read more »

More Adventures in Twilight and Gender Bending

Hey there vampire fans! Can you guess which teen-heartthrobby Twilight  star's siblings used to dress him up as a girl and call him Claudia? Jump to find out! Read more »

I love rock, and roll, and. . . Twilight?

So, in the latest Twilight-related news story, teen queen Kristin Stewart is going to play rocker Joan Jett in a new Runaways biopic. Is Stewart... Read more »

All the young dudes (will be played by women)

According to some internet buzzing, Twilight stars (that's right, Twilight is everywhere) Kristin Stewart and Nikki Reed are set to star in a new film... Read more »

Weekend Rhymes

Alright, people: I am officially freaked out about this Twilight mess. For many, many reasons. Too many to go into here, on a Friday afternoon, when instead of logically laying them out in a thoughtful blog entry I can slobber on about them incoherently to the stranger on my left at happy hour.... Read more »