Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman 1984” Replaces Girl Power with Empty Platitudes

Although it tries, Wonder Woman 1984 struggles to speak to this moment and deliver a coherent message.

Wonder Woman in the Time of Hillary Clinton

The UN appointed Wonder Woman as an honorary ambassador, sparking a petition that says an American superhero is not a good choice for promoting global empowerment.  Read more »

Why is Hollywood Scared of Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman and feminism have often had a complicated relationship. The heroine started her life in 1941 as, essentially, a feminist idol.  Read more »

It's Hard to Get Excited About Marvel's New Crop of Films

Did the phrase “two-part Avengers threequel” really need to be part of our consciousness?  Yesterday, Marvel unveiled the timeline for the new crop of superhero films it... Read more »

What if You Got to Write the Next Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman has left an indelible mark on many of us. Whether we read her comics as kids, saw that infamous Ms. cover, or grew up watching Lynda Carter... Read more »

Popaganda Episode: The Evolution of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman first hit the comics page over 70 years ago—but her story and personal history has changed dramatically with each new generation of artists, writers, and fans. This show explores Wonder Woman's... Read more »

Is Wonder Woman Too Muscular for the Silver Screen?

This is a dark summer for geek girls. Though superhero and comic book-based films are all the rage these days, it's male crime-fighters who get all the attention: there are no films starring female superheroes on the horizon.  Read more »

Female Bonding: The Strange History of Wonder Woman

"Bind me as tight as you can, girls, with the biggest ropes and chains you can find!" The woman is smiling in ecstasy, plastered against a large wooden beam, ropes and chains taut against her body, as she begs her captors, a group of jubilant, scantily clad young women, to pull her shackles just a... Read more »