Two YA Authors Explore Life After the Bomb

  We all know (or should) about the horrific effects of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Authors Ellen Oh and Julianna Baggott both draw from this sickening point in history to explore even more dystopic aftermaths of post-bomb life.   Read more »

Race & Body Issues in Nalo Hopkinson's "The Chaos"

When I first picked up Nalo Hopkinson’s The Chaos last summer, I thought, “Finally! A book with a young woman of color as the protagonist!” Of course... Read more »

Send in the Clones: Two YA Novels' Treatment of Race, Gender, and Cloning

People of color are often seen as the exceptions in predominantly white societies’ mass media, like US literature. Let’s look at race and gender in two dystopic young adult scenarios in which the exceptional group is not people of color, but clones they’ve created. Read more »

YA Book "What's Left of Me" is a Dystopian Take on Nationalist Fervor

“If you see something, say something” has been the slogan for buses, trains, and airports since 9/11. It’s been used to justify increased surveillance and targeting of Muslims and people from the Middle East. After the Boston bombing, we’ve seen it used to ... Read more »

Reading "Tankborn"— A YA Book About Race, Class, and Caste

In Karen Sander’s dystopian young adult book Tankbornthe world is a stringent caste system where race and origins determine all status. Tankborn was a... Read more »

Dystopian Book "Partials" Imagines a Society of Forced Pregnancy

I’ve never been attracted to books set in a world in which women have been stripped of their reproductive rights and function mainly as breeders. After all, I live in a very real society in which women’s rights over their bodies are... Read more »

New Book "Orleans" Imagines a World Where Blood Type Matters More than Race

“After the storm deaths came other casualties: deaths by debris, cuts, tetanus, or loss of blood; suicide, heart attacks caused by stress or loss, or stress of rebuilding, or just as often from the lack of medicines used to treat common ailments. The list of no-longer-treatable diseases grew:... Read more »

Dystopian Book "Shadows Cast By Stars" Revolves Around Aboriginal Race and Identity

When I started this column on race in dystopian YA literature, a reader recommended I check out ... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning Bitch readers!  Here’s what we’ve been reading today. In light of the recent Boston Marathon Bombing, there have been countless racist... Read more »


Black Girls Hunger for Heroes, Too: A Black Feminist Conversation on Fantasy Fiction for Teens

What happens when two great black women fiction writers get together to talk about race in young adult literature? That's exactly what happens... Read more »